Monique Mills

Business Innovation & Strategy

I apply new thinking to new challenges as a visionary business innovation leader with executive experience in entrepreneurship, engineering, construction, real estate, project, program, and product management.

I have achieved significant success in directing critical business initiatives in diverse private and public environments. My multidisciplinary background is marked by a track record of results driving business development, identifying emerging technologies in various industries, designing innovative business models, and improving business performance.

I’m an advocate for diversification in STEM careers and entrepreneurship as well as a practitioner of Design Thinking, Blue Ocean strategies, Agile, and Lean Startup methodologies in regards to starting, building, and growing businesses.

As a result of my curiosity and perpetual need to solve problems, I have founded four companies and work every day helping companies capture the opportunities and navigate the challenges in their businesses.
I work with tech startups across the world and have developed mutually beneficial partnerships with several of the most well-known incubators and accelerators throughout the nation. As a result of my experiences, there isn’t much I haven’t seen in regards to starting and building a company from scratch. Honestly, building the tech is the easiest part in comparison to the rest of the process.

I hold an MBA with a concentration in Management of Technology, a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology, multiple leadership certificates, a real estate license, and the PMPĀ® (Project Management Professional) credential.

I’m motivated by continuous challenges and learning opportunities, solving big problems, and adding value to society utilizing my skills, gifts, knowledge, and talents.

BDPA 2019