Michael Palmer

VP Chief Information Security Officer at NFL

As Chief Information Security Officer for the NFL, I offer deep experience in identifying, defining and developing information security and risk-based initiatives, programs and assessments. I am proud to have worked my way up the corporate ladder at the NFL, spending over 20 years building relationships, teams and structuring the organization for future growth in the technology sector.

In addition to information security, I also head up the information technology teams at the NFL including IT Strategy and Governance, as well as the IT Project Management office. My expertise in IT, broad cyber security and enterprise risk management is apparent in the innovative solutions provided by myself and my team as it relates to abatement of security threats and vulnerabilities. 

As CISO, I am a strategic decision maker in fast-paced, fluid environment. I have a sharpened ability to identify and clarify information security and technology risks and coordinate remediation efforts by aligning resources, departments and specialists to achieve necessary objectives. 

I think both linear and creatively. A natural problem solver, I enjoy rallying the troops and creating a working synergistic environment between teams, resources and individuals in my current role. I enjoy the process of lobbying with my colleagues at all levels as I work to gain business buy-in for  enterprise security initiatives. 

Seeking out business challenges to provide novel solutions to complex technological problems is something that excites me in my work. I enjoy working with people who are not afraid to challenge an idea or an assumption.

Colleagues recognize me as a dedicated leader who inspires others to be even better than they were the day before. A thought in the forefront of my mind is often “would they follow me if didn’t have a  title”? I always want the answer to that questions to be an unequivocal “yes.”

BDPA 2019