Marie Antoinette Tichler

Marketing Director at BlockInterop

I’m fanatic about the possibility of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. CEO & Founder of C2Legacy Technologies a blockchain based digital assets estate management platform which allows cryptocurrency holders to pass their digital money to heirs. C2Legacy securely, safely and privately transfers digital assets estates to beneficiaries.
C2Legacy’s vision is to be the premier service provider for digital assets and estate planning. C2Legacy aims to be a pivotal part of conserving the cryptocurrency eco-space. Visit to learn more about what happens to your Bitcoin when you die.

Community Outreach:
Founder of TOADD, Texting Organization Against Distracted Driving, a 501c3 non profit which educates the youth about using technology responsibly. In 2009 TOADD began with the only pre-cell phone education and pre-social media awareness initiatives in existence. TOADD’s platform includes eSports, driving distracted, sexting, and Keyboard Courage- cyberbullying.

Miss TOADD says, “Remember what WE TOADD ya! Drive Safely, Text Tastefully & Socialize Sensibly!
ecialties: Empowerment Public Speaker, CHildren’s Book Author, Community Service Partnerships

BDPA 2019