Gregory Taylor

CEO at Taboris Intelligence Asset Group, LLC

My expertise is Taking your Life and Business to the Next Level. Taboris Intelligence offers: transformational Social Media Etiquette and Emotional Intelligence Training as well as Mentoring, Millennial Brainasiums, Leadership and Personal Growth initiatives. We enable leaders to unlock and unleash their full potential so they may bring greater value to the people and entities they serve. By assisting professionals in a workplace, we create organizational performance and development. Our goal is to help professionals achieve specific goals and overcome obstacles to business and personal growth. Through our seminars and workshops, we help professionals and millennials navigate critical universal and social interpersonal skills. We all have an outer and inner scoreboards: what we project to others versus who we really are. When management or employees become “stuck” in old habits, or struggle with the behaviors critical for long-term growth, coaching supports them in overcoming resistances to change and help them find out where their Happy meter really is in Life, Career and Business because Everything rises and falls with Leadership! Everyone is going thru something in their real life. No one is who you think they really are. Hi-profile Individuals, Executives and Employees communicate much differently today than they did 25-30 years ago not realizing the long-term potential consequences and pitfalls of an Emotional response to a tweet, email, voice mail, post or text message; subsequently resulting in having a permanent transcript of everything they say and do and can be made public at any time. What goes online stays online. We can help you Master your Emotional Intelligence and Navigate the pitfalls of living in a Digital World for those who have an unhealthy electronic dependency with technology.

BDPA 2019