Donnie Harper

Senior Vice President at Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Donnie Harper is a Senior Vice President (SVP) in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.  In this role, Donnie is responsible for leading Talent Acquisition, enhancing the diversity of the Bank’s workforce, and leading Federal Reserve System activities to establish mutually beneficial relationships with minority and women universities, professional organizations, and civic functions.

Prior to assuming his present position, Donnie worked as a senior Information Technology (IT) Executive.  He has served as the SVP for various IT Administrative Functions and managed a $375 million portfolio of IT projects as the SVP of the Enterprise Program Management division in Federal Reserve Information Technology (FRIT) organization.  In this role, Donnie was responsible for the design, build, and implementation of large-scale business technology solutions.

Other previous leadership assignments include serving as the Vice President of the Technical Support, Information Security Operations, Enterprise Development, Automated Operations, and Technology Assessment departments.  Upon arriving at FRIT in 1993 as an Assistant Vice President, Donnie led the Procurement and Contracts, Contingency Planning, and Facilities Management sections.

In 1988, Donnie began his career with the Federal Reserve System in Washington, DC at the Board of Governors.  During this five-year period, Donnie served as the Manager of the Automation Planning section and a Communications Analyst.  Donnie worked at GTE South as a communications engineer for approximately four years prior to joining the Federal Reserve.

Donnie received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.  Donnie is an avid bass fisherman and he competes in approximately 15 tournaments a year.

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